How Azured’s SD-WAN solution "saved us money, time and a lot of pain."

Posted 30 November 2020 by Laura

“A good service provider saves you more than just money,”declares Greg Horner, MD of LEAP Australia, a software development firm whose switch from big telco network provision to Azured’s SD-WAN brought more benefits than any business should expect. “Lower blood pressure, and an end to screaming down the phone to get things sorted – they were the big ones,” he jokes.

It’s very telling when the most obvious benefit of a deal is to the health and sanity of the customer. If the relationship has deteriorated to such a degree, pitching the contract should be obvious. But shifting supplier and transforming network architecture are both big decisions that take a lot of confidence that the destination is going to be worth the journey.

“Azured halved the annual cost of our network connectivity and management, and gave us more visibility along with much improved performance,” says Greg Horner, MD of LEAP, the leading engineering application provider.

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