Cost savings and business benefits with Azure network security.

Posted 21 April 2022 by Laura

As businesses move their digital infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud (or somewhere in-between), costs and benefits to the business are at the top of any digital transformation project meeting agenda.

And it seems we’re not the only ones who are interested in the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Azure network security. A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study revealed a few things that we think are worthy of a mention:

  • an increased speed of delivering development projects by 67%
  • reduced total cost of on-premises security tools by 25%
  • reduced risk of a security breach by 30%
  • improved efficiency of network-related IT work by 73%

“Azure network security is reliable and feature-rich. We’re not constantly patching and making updates anymore.”

VP of Applications and Infrastructure, Education

To find out more about securing your network in Azure – or why our very own Network as a Service (NWaaS) is the perfect blend of the very best in cloud, SD-WAN and security technology – see you on Teams.