How safe is your password1234?

Posted 21 July 2021 by Laura

Passwords aren’t what they used to be. It used to be pretty standard practice for passwords to include 8 characters with some level of complexity. But that is no longer enough.

📚 Studies have shown when a password requires complexity, the complex element is used in a similar pattern and then repeated. And repeated. Across all sites. Everywhere. Of course, hackers have caught onto this and there are now huge passwords lists (freely available) that contain millions of easy to guess passwords.

💡 There are things that you can do to strengthen your password. Instead of the usual 8 characters, use a minimum of 12. But the longer the password, the better really. We like to use pass-phrases, too….simply put two or more random words together. Numbers and characters can be added but we’ll leave that up to your own creativity 👨‍🎨

Getting your passwords on point is one thing. But combining it with something like multi-factor authentication and/or single sign on? Then things really do start to look peachy.

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