Preparing for a flexible future

Posted 28 June 2021 by Laura

It’s no secret that working from home and cyber attacks are both on the increase. An IoD survey found that almost 75% of businesses planned on ‘maintaining the increase in home working’. And if that trend is likely to continue, it would be ignorant not to follow suit and step up the IT security that makes your business possible (for all those devices, applications, passwords that can make or break a day at the office).

🧐 For instance, did you know that at least 65% of people reuse passwords on multiple sites… despite 91% of them knowing that it’s risky?

…sound like anyone you know? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

💡Sometimes what we need is a team of people who really know their stuff to put together a really useful guide with interesting information, best practice and practical tips. And sometimes, someone like HTG – People-first Technology pops up and…BAM 💥

And they’ve done just that. Download the white paper today.

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