Remote working to reduce reliance on energy.

Posted 21 April 2022 by Laura

We knew remote working was never going to go away – and the EU is now asking its people to work from home as part of the International Energy Agency's ‘Playing My Part’ plan, designed to reduce reliance on Russian energy.

“The IEA calculates that if every citizen followed its recommendations, it could save 220 million barrels of oil every year (enough to fill 120 supertankers), and 17 billion cubic metres of gas (enough to heat nearly 20 million homes).”

So, if you didn’t get your cloud infrastructure set up correctly for remote working first time round, you’ve been granted a second chance. Use it wisely, dear one. There are lots of things you can do if you find yourself in this camp... 

Ten ways to secure your business for remote working:
1. Update your remote network
2. Install security software
3. Train your staff (like, properly train them…not just chuck them a link and hope for the best)
4. Run tests
5. Create a security checklist
6. Encourage transparency
7. Limit access permissions
8. Implement multi-factor authentication
9. Don’t Bring-Your-Own-Device (unless you know how to do it carefully)
10. If you’re not sure, ask the experts.

If this list reads a bit like your 'to do' list, you might be interested in our Baseline Security Review. A short one-off project which tells you exactly what you need to know about your current IT infrastructure. After all, we're old hats at working in 'the new normal'. You might be surprised at what we find...