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Avoid the same fate as the Death Star with this free guide

Do you know your phishing from your ransomware?

We’re all fed up with the risk of cyberattacks. But, you can never let your guard down.

It only takes one ill-advised click to cause an IT security issue and suddenly you’re in deep water. Don’t be left scratching your head while a scammer runs off laughing maniacally with your data tucked under their arm. You need to make sure you’re using the security settings in your favourite apps correctly so that you’re not risking your precious, precious assets.

Clue yourself up with the best security know-how in this free guide to cloud identity and access management from Azured. 


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Do you know your Microsoft Identity Secure Score? There’s more to security than your might realise. Learn all the bullet-proof, industry-grade tricks to keep you and your data safe in this guide.


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Only the very best lessons from our top boffins. We don’t like to go on about it, but we do have one of the leading cloud security architects as our CTO.


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"Azured’s expertise is second to none. They have always been there to answer questions regarding security and Azure best practice."

Owen Brunker IT Manager @ Chelgrave Contracting
Azured follow Microsoft best practice framework

You can’t hang about when it comes to security. Download the guide today and become a cloud identity and access management superhero.

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