PIM_Just in Time

Just in Time Access

A model where users receive privileged permissions temporarily in a specified window to prevent malicious or unauthorised access.

PIM - Just Enough Access

Just Enough Access

A security practice where users are provided with only the minimum privileges needed to accomplish administrative tasks.

Privileged Admin Workflow

Privileged Admin Workflow

Can be configured to require approval for activation with user(s) or group(s) as delegated approvers.

PIM - Audit-Ready


Enables you to view activity, activations, and audit history for all privileged roles within your organisation.

Bitesized benefits:

Enforcing Least Privilege

PIM enables organisations to grant privileged access to users on a Just in Time basis, reducing the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is supported by PIM for privileged accounts. This adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised access to privileged accounts. 

Monitoring and Auditing

You can continuously monitor privileged access activity, allowing you to detect and respond to suspicious activity in real-time. PIM provides detailed audit logs for all privileged access activity, allowing you to audit privileged access.

Role-Based Access Control

PIM provides granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for privileged access, ensuring that users have only the privileges they need to perform their tasks, and no more.

Approve or deny access requests

By following pre-determined workflows, PIM checks access requests to confirm that users have the authorisation rights for a privileged role. If the requirements are met, the user is granted access. If the requirements are not met, the request is denied, and a security incident is logged in the audit records.


1. Discovery

Determine policies to be enforced and user groups.

2. Scope

1-hour workshop to run through implementation.

3. Configure

including roles to apply, maximum time, approvals, notifications and monitoring.

4. Deploy

Full deployment of the service, including testing.

5. Document

Including how to monitor the service, add/remove users and further reading.

6. Handover

30-minute workshop to ensure you have everything you need.

Getting started...

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