Microsoft logo; a Gold partner our FWaaS was built in partnership with Microsoft as a direct response to Telstra’s needs.

We’ve been a trusted Microsoft partner since 2015 and our FWaaS was built in partnership with Microsoft as a direct response to Aussie Telco giant Telstra’s needs.

In turn, FWaaS helped Microsoft drive Azure consumption and Azured to become Australia’s number 1 Microsoft Azure Partner in the SME market.

We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security and Infrastructure (Azure)


With the growing need for powerful telephony solutions in a world of remote working, it felt natural to cement a partnership with a specialist in the most secure and versatile communications tool out there.

Conversant Technology is one of the few SaaS companies in the world that is solely focussed on providing communication services that enhance the power of Microsoft Teams, for better efficiencies and productivity when communicating with customers.

Palo Alto logo. Our FWaaS is built around Palo Alto's next-generation technology.

We believe Palo Alto is the best firewall in the market, so it made sense for us to build our FWaaS around their technology.

For us, Palo’s next-generation intelligent firewalls are the most successful in reducing risks and preventing attacks – and should be at the heart of any organisation’s network security.

VeloCloud now part of VM Ware logo. Azured's NWaaS SD-WAN is built on the market leading tech..

We strive to work with the best and as far as WAN edge infrastructure goes, there is no better choice than VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Their market-leading technology is the very best… just ask Gartner.

It’s the unique intelligence of VeloCloud’s SD-WAN technologies combined with the assurance of VMware’s partnership with Microsoft that made their solution an easy choice for Azured’s NWaaS.

Telstra logo. Partner in residence since 2015, driving innovation and helping their customers get the most out of the cloud.

Telstra came to us way back in 2015 with a problem. It was a tough problem. No one else could solve it. We did.

Since that day we have become Telstra’s partner in residence, and we work closely with them to drive innovation and help their customers get the most out of the Cloud.

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