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Digital transformation projects; Change and stakeholder management

Change and stakeholder management, and clear communications

Knowledge transfer for digital transformation projects

Knowledge transfer to empower your people to make transformation sustainable

Digital transformation projects led by a cloud architect

Projects led by a cloud architect, supported by a project management and delivery team

Digital transformation projects; guaranteed speed of deployment for digital transformation projects

Guarantee speed of deployment for immediate improvements

Digital transformation projects; Change Management Database (CMDB)

Full data trails to go into Change Management Database (CMDB)

Digital transformation projects; staff training

Information for, or provision of, staff training documents

Digital transformation projects; innovative training teacniques

Training using the latest cognitive techniques

Digital transformation projects; vendor management

Vendor management. So you don’t have to…


“Our global team went home on Friday and came back on Monday, and everything was in place for us to start working.”

Keith O' Hara Group Technology & Information Director
@ Hyve Group PLC

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