Secure funding to boost your Azure migration & modernisation project.


As we hold Microsoft Azure Specialisations, we can access funding from Microsoft to deliver projects for clients, providing they meet certain criteria. 

The Azure Migrate and Modernise (AMM) programme is funded by Microsoft and helps accelerate and simplify client migration and modernisation projects. The project can include migrating any of the following workloads to Azure: Windows Server, Linux, SQL Server, and open-source databases. Hybrid deployments with Azure Arc are also supported.

Microsoft strongly recommends that the new Azure workloads should be set up in a secure manner. Secure migrations can include any or all the following:​  

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud (or equivalent 3rd party security product)
  • Azure networking security (including network security groups, secure VNet configurations, Azure Front Door with WAF policies, Azure Bastion and DDoS protection)
  • Azure Firewall Premium and configure firewall manager policies and alerts​

How it works:

Microsoft Sentinel Starter Kit makes enterprise grade SIEM accessible to SMBs

1. Discover

Azured will work with you to ensure the client fits the eligibility criteria, and determine their needs and how the funding will be best deployed

Configure Microsoft Sentinel powered by Azured

2. Deliver

We will scope and plan the project alongside the client, deploy the transformation, perform testing and remediation.


3. Document

We will work with the client to ensure all documentation required by Microsoft is completed to secure the funding.

Azure Pricing Calculator

Azure pricing calculator

Completed and uploaded by Azured.

Azured Customer Survey

Customer survey

Completed by the client with support from Azured.

Azured partner survey

Partner Survey

Completed by Azured.

Azured Proof of Execution (POE)

Proof of Execution

Completed and submitted by Azured with input from the client.

Project size

Planned Azure consumption per annum

Maximum funding available

Infrastructure/Database Migration (XS)

$10K - $25K


Infrastructure/Database Migration (Small)

$25K - $125K


Infrastructure/Database Migration (Medium)

$125K - $250K


Infrastructure/Database Migration (Large)

$250K - $500K


Infrastructure/Database Migration (XL)

$500K - $750K


Infrastructure/Database Migration (XXL)

$750K - $1M


* All prices are in USD. Funding will only be available to use once Microsoft has approved it. Microsoft will look at the actual increase in ACR once the project has finished to determine funding eligibility. Please note that if, for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to secure the funding, the client must still pay the invoice for the full project amount.
Dieter Pfeiffer, Wood Thilsted

"We're a fast-growing company in a fast-growing industry. Azured have helped us transition from a start-up approach to a corporate environment with good design principles and best practice in mind."

Dieter Pfeiffer, Wood Thilsted Head of IT

Andy Tolson

"We need to be able to trust our partner to look after our information and & platforms. Azured is really good value for money...but it's that reliability and trust which is a key thing for me."

Andy Tolson, Collegiate Finance Director

Keith O'hara, Hyve

"Our global team went home on Friday evening and came back on Monday morning and everything worked. Azured delivered an environment that is cost effective to run, and our service is reliable, easier to manage and more secure.”

Keith O'Hara, Hyve Group