Bitesized benefits:

Application Whitelisting

Intune can help you enforce application restrictions and block unapproved applications from being installed on mobile devices.

Patching Applications

By deploying Intune, you can ensure that mobile applications are up-to-date and have the latest security patches installed.

Configuring Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Intune lets you enforce macro security settings in Microsoft Office applications.

User Application Hardening

You can configure app-level security policies, such as requiring strong passwords or biometric authentication, to protect against unauthorised access to sensitive data and resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Intune allows you to enforce MFA policies, which require users to provide additional verification beyond a username and password to access sensitive data and resources.


1. Discovery

Determine policies to be enabled / disabled.

2. Scope

1-hour workshop to run through implementation and how it will affect users.

3. Configure

including set up of policies, notifications and monitoring.

4. Deploy

Full deployment of the service, including testing.

5. Document

Including how to monitor the service, enable/disable policies and further reading.

6. Handover

30-minute workshop to ensure you have everything you need.

Getting started...

To get started with Intune, book a quick discovery call with Elliot.