Blue square icon. Security solutions from one of the UK's leading cloud security architect.

1. Brilliant

Throw any cloud security problem our way, we’re confident we can solve it, deploy it and support it. We don’t have one of the UK’s leading cloud security architects as our CTO for nothing.

Green diamond icon. Azured make it easy; managing vendors, monitoring, maintenance, support and upgrades.

2. Easy

Possibly not a great value for a first date, but a good one for any cloud security project. We take care of everything – managing all vendors, monitoring, maintenance, support, upgrades. All you need to do is sign in. Securely.

Coral circle icon. Flexible cloud security solutions, scalable and affordable.

3. Super-bendy

Fully managed, pay monthly, no minimum contract cloud security solutions that are flexible, easy to scale and even easier to fund. Formidable face pose? In our sleep!

Yellow triangle icon. Practical IT solutions in the Azure cloud.

4. Pragmatic

We’re more than just a bunch of nerds. We’re commercially-minded entrepreneurs who understand the intricacies of transformation and its wider impact on the business.

Coral circle icon. Finding solutions to challenging cloud problems.

5. Challenging

Ooooooh, scary. But if the whole point is to discover the best way to do things, challenge of the status quo is necessary. Embrace it like an old friend!

Green diamond icon. An open minded approach to complex cloud solutions.

6. Open minded

We’ll challenge you, so it’s only fair to expect to be challenged right back. We promise we’ll listen and if there’s a better way of doing things, we’d be crazy not to.

Yellow triangle icon. Committed to d

7. Not afraid of commitment

We’re ready. We’re willing. We’re able. We’re, er... possibly not so young, but with great age comes great responsibility. And experience to boot.


We're seeking...

A mutually beneficial partnership. Must be interested in the cloud, network security, eating out, walks in the country and doing cat-orientated jigsaws. GSOH desirable.

But what do our clients say?

Video Case Study: Entertainment

Cloud security to the highest standards.

“In this day and age, security can't be at the back of your mind…things can go wrong very quickly. We wanted to make sure we're adhering to the highest standards.”

Ed Mitchell at Future Anthem, the multi-award-winning, market leader in Game Data Science.

Video Case Study: Renewable Energy

Innovative security solutions. 

"We're a fast-growing company in a fast-growing industry. Azured have helped us transition from a start-up approach to a corporate environment with good design principles and best practice in mind."

Dieter Pfeiffer at Wood Thilsted, the specialised offshore wind engineering consultancy leading the transition to green energy.

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