Key benefits of the security review: 

1. It is a relatively small, low commitment initial engagement; but it delivers actionable insights for immediate improvement.

2. At the end of the review, you will understand precisely where you are with your cloud security, and how to make it better.

3. Our security consultants use a proven methodology based on Microsoft best practice, the CIS framework, and decades of specialist security experience to ensure you have all the information required to improve your security posture.

4. We won’t necessarily require administrator rights to your environment (an account with Global and Security Reader roles is usually sufficient).

5. It is a self-contained, one-off piece of work. The report can be used by an internal team or a third party if you so choose (though we are confident that once you have seen what we are capable of, you’ll stick with us!).

For complete peace of mind in the cloud, with a one-off investment starting from £3,820.


What Microsoft services are included?

The Azured Cloud Security Review covers Microsoft services within the key areas of identity, devices, applications and infrastructure, including:


  • Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Conditional Access
  • Identity Protection


  • Intune
  • Autopilot
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Vulnerability Management

  • Email Security
  • Sharepoint
  • OneDrive
  • Teams


  • Azure Subscriptions

Azured Cloud Security Review

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