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Explore our cloud security solutions and managed services:

Microsoft Cloud Security Review by Azured

Our Cloud Security Review is the kick starter to any security project. It provides a detailed report on the current security posture of your environment and the configuration of your identity and devices, with recommendations to build a secure infrastructure.

Managed Cloud Escalation Service for Microsoft Azure and 365

Our managed Escalation as a Service lowers fixed monthly support costs and increases flexibility. We wrap up a SLA response that fits your business, along with a monthly catchup call and an agreed number of hours per month that you can use in the way that best suits you.


Consultancy. A slightly amorphous catch-all, perhaps. But not to us. Our starting place and mainstay for any cloud consulting project is security because, ultimately, identity and access management should be at the heart of any sound IT strategy.

Microsoft Sentinel Starter Kit powered by Azured

Azured’s Sentinel Starter Kit lays the foundation for successful Microsoft Sentinel deployment.  It means that SMBs can now access enterprise-grade SIEM with our low initial commitment, fixed price, ready-for-production service. See also Managed Sentinel.

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Our clients have been saying some lovely things ...

"Azured’s expertise is second to none. They helped us to get maximum cost effective performance from our cloud infrastructure. Azured has always been there to answer questions regarding security and Azure best practice."

Owen Brunker IT Manager @ Chelgrave Contracting

"Our global team, who operate from 13 countries around the world, went home on Friday evening and came back on Monday morning and everything worked. You can’t ask for more than that – but Azured delivered more, for less. They have delivered an environment that is cost effective to run, and our service is reliable, easier to manage and more secure.”

Keith O' Hara Group Technology & Information Director @ Hyve Group PLC

"Azured completely changed our IT infrastructure. I'm thrilled with the work they have performed...I've never been so happy with an IT provider. Everything worked – not only as planned, but on time, and it was so easy to deal with them it's unbelievable. I can’t thank them enough. Great work. Great people."

Greg Horner Managing Director @ LEAP Australia

"We are now living the dream! Seriously, your guys are awesome and our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable they are. Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to future projects with you on a global scale."

Jason Hartley Product Manager, Alarm Transmission Services @ Inner Range

“In this day and age, security can't be at the back of your mind…things can go very wrong very quickly. We wanted to make sure we were adhering to the highest standards.”

Edmond Mitchell Head of Data @ Future Anthem