What makes C360 right for your business?

Every business has their own unique communication requirements, that's why C360 is a fully customisable solution tailored to your business needs.

Whether you're a small business, a large enterprise, or have specific industry demands, C360 can be configured to align with your goals and deliver the functionality that you require.

The benefits:

Level up your phone system with Teams Calling

Teams Calling allows users to make and receive external calls, hold video conferences, and share files all within the same platform – for enhanced productivity and streamlined communications.

Omni-channel Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams

The advanced Contact Centre solution integrates with the Teams Calling, Social Media Messaging and Interaction Recording modules in Microsoft Teams offering enhanced efficiency.

Integrated Social Media Messaging management

Connect all your social media channels and interact with your customers directly from Microsoft Teams. C360 allows you to manage and reply to all your customer messages from one place.

Secure and compliant Interaction Recording

Record and securely store calls, chats, images and file shares. The module is fully compliant and will help your organisation to comply with Dodd-Frank, FCA, GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, PCI DSS and more.

Data and Reporting

C360 translates your data into visual Power BI dashboards making it easier to understand and keep track of your monthly, quarterly and annual KPIs, and discover trends so you can adjust your Contact Centre to offer the best customer experience.


Simplify unified communications with C360

Streamline communications in the cloud with Microsoft Teams.