Behind the hack: how secure is your email?

A short guide to email security in the cloud.

Posted 04 January 2024 by Laura

Dodgy emails used to be really easy to spot – but cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and now they’re fooling just about anyone, with the chaos of Covid fuelling the exponential rise in attacks. As Rick McElroy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, said in VMWare's Global Insights Report “one industry that has not been disrupted by COVID-19, is cybercrime".

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It’s important to remember that cybersecurity is a huge business – with people being paid lots of money to create landing zones and webpages that look just like the ones we see every day. Small typos in email addresses and URLs are easy for hackers to implement – and really easy for unknowing victims to buy into. Forbes have named six ethical hacking millionaires – and there’s nothing to suggest that the dark side of hacking is any less substantial when it comes to potential earnings.

Email security in the cloud
The cloud-based email market is estimated to hit $60.74 billion this year. Here are our top five tips to improve your email security. Four out of five are both free and easy – so there really is no excuse.

1. Use passphrases (two or three words) instead of passwords.
2. Educate yourself and your staff on phishing emails, they can be particularly tricky to spot. If you see one, report it to your IT team.
3. Keep your work and personal emails separate.
4. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) across the business – consider making it part of your new starter process?
5. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provides inbound filtering, phishing defence and DLP. It also integrates with Microsoft Defender (EDR) and Azure Sentinel (SIEM) – if you want to push your business into the realms of maximum, high security protection in the cloud.

Our recent blog post, Email Security to Predict, Prevent , Detect and Respond, explains why securing email in the cloud is so important for businesses. It includes more detailed information around our top tips – and also includes tips to share with your teams, whether they’re based in the office, or working remotely at home or elsewhere.

Cyber security in Azure
We talk a lot about cyber security in Azure – we’re a small team but we all live and breathe it. As a Microsoft cloud, security, identity and access specialist, if you don't relish in talking tech then you probably don't want to be sat next to us at a dinner party. But if you're in the game for bomb-proof protection for your business, data, people and devices in a world of rapidly evolving cyber threats, we might just be what you're looking for.


If you're unsure how secure your business is in the cloud or on prem, or if you're worried about how to securely move your business over to the cloud, we're always happy to chat

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Originally posted 28 January 2022. Updated 4 January 2023.