Improving Microsoft cloud security for the UK legal sector

Free cloud security toolkit for the legal sector.

Posted 12 December 2022 by Laura
Is the thought of an IT breach keeping you awake at night? Having nightmares about hackers encrypting your data and breaching SRA and GDPR regulations? What about being able to keep the doors open through a cyber-attack?

If you're an IT leader working in the legal sector, chances are you're probably feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. The constant threat of cyber-attacks, the rise of hybrid and home working, increasing demands from digital-savvy clients, rigid compliance requirements, and an open letter from the Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA), have put immense strain on the industry – and those working within it.

With the UK legal sector being such an attractive target for cyber attackers, we look at how working in the cloud can improve the security and efficiency of businesses.

A 2020 review by the SRA found that for firms who had been the victim of a cyber-attack, the results "were often catastrophic", with the National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC) report on cybersecurity in the UK legal sector reporting that more than £11million of client money was stolen by cybercriminals.

The pressure is on. Workloads are increasing and increasing in complexity, and the worker demographic is changing, with younger ‘tech savvy’ staff entering in to the legal industry with an expectation of what the modern workplace looks like. And while absolutely necessary to thrive in the modern workplace, tech savvy staff are almost pointless if the technology isn’t there to support them. The Law Society believe the “movement to the cloud will act as a competitive advantage for law firms looking to improve security, accessibility, and collaboration”.

Wherever your business is on its journey to cloud adoption, we know that IT leaders in the UK legal sector are facing some big challenges. So we've put together a free cloud security toolkit including our top five things IT leaders in the legal sector should know about cloud security – and our CTO shares his experience.