Taking a different approach to IT support in the Microsoft cloud

Maximising security in the Microsoft cloud.

Posted 26 September 2023 by Laura

Why we take a different approach to IT support.

The Managed Service Provider model is well established, widely used and undoubtedly provides organisations with invaluable ongoing IT support, managing their entire infrastructure – typically for a fixed monthly cost.

We’re not here to knock that tried and trusted model, just take it a step further.

The minefield of Microsoft Cloud security

Securing any Microsoft Cloud environment should be at the top of the to-do list for any business, but we find from our experience with our clients that it’s not always possible to prioritise security – even though it keeps them up at night.

Often this is because their in-house team and external support simply don’t have the expertise, capacity, or inclination. Business as usual and firefighting suck up their time and are blockers to focusing on security. Which after all, is a highly specialist field, and a minefield at that.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. When we engage with a client, we frequently find that fundamental security protocols are not in place; such as having transparency of their current security posture, checking and improving their Microsoft Secure Score, a roadmap for improvement and having a disaster recovery plan, should the worst happen.


And when you consider the cost of a breach or ransomware attack, that keeps us up at night, too.

Nearly 60% of medium-sized businesses in the UK suffered a cyber-attack in 2022*

We’re not precious, but the service we provide is.

Azured is a Microsoft Security Consultancy, specialising in Microsoft 365 and Azure (the clue is in the name...). By sticking to what we do best, and only that, we’ve developed a business model that is flexible, adds value and dovetails seamlessly with our clients’ in-house team and outsource partners. 

It’s not our ambition to compete with incumbent MSPs or internal IT teams. They’re already doing a great job. Instead, we welcome the opportunity to work alongside them as an extension of your team, developing long-term, trusted partnerships. 

This allows you to take care of business as usual, and us to focus on what we’re good at (which is Microsoft Cloud security, just in case you missed that). It keeps us agile, client-focused and unencumbered by distractions and the inevitable frustrations of dealing with issues outside of your area of expertise.

Our clients, who come from a wildly varying range of sectors and business sizes, have told us these are the areas where we add specific value:


  When issues need to be escalated because their internal team or MSP are unable to resolve them quickly.
  Providing advice and guidance on their IT security and strategy.
  Up-skilling their internal team.
  Allowing their IT service company to focus on keeping the business running while utilising a security expert to ensure their environment is secure.
  Our understanding of industry best practise in security and leaning on decades of cloud security experience.


Our portfolio of products & services include:

Cloud Security Review 
A comprehensive, fixed price report on the current status of your security posture along with recommendations and a roadmap for improvement. It’s a one-off project with no ongoing commitment.

Escalation Service
Our Escalation Service gives you fast, responsive access to our Security specialists on speed dial, with the flexibility of using the support hours however suits your, for a fixed monthly cost.

Sentinel Starter Kit
Azured’s Sentinel Starter Kit lays the foundation for a successful Microsoft Sentinel deployment. We setup this SIEM service, configure the ingestion of data and create customised dashboards and reporting.

Managed Sentinel
Our fully managed SIEM service that detects and responds to active threats in your environment. We monitor the alerts from Sentinel and provide enhanced incident response, delivering the right level of security at the right time.

We correctly configure and deploy Intune on your behalf in the way that best suits how your organisation works, giving you compete confidence in your identity management, devices, and apps.


It ain’t just what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

We operate in a very dry space. Cloud security is a very serious business, and there isn’t much room for frivolity and creativity. But there’s a big difference between IT support that is unbending, that slavishly follows a Statement of Work and watches every hour spent without caring much if the result for the client is the best it could be. That’s where we’re different. 
OK, so we’re obviously biased. But we’re very proud of everything at Azured, from our team, to our processes, to our choice in snacks. And we want to make it enjoyable for you when you engage with us. 

Above all we want to make it easy. Here’s how we do it...

Super-bendy so we fit around you, perfectly
We’ll plug the holes your existing internal and external team can’t, and you can turn us on and off, like a tap. Our products and services are designed to give you control and choice, and we will work with you to discover where we can add most value. We’ll take your team on the journey with us, ensuring they have the knowledge they need to manage any changes or recommendations we make; we’ll never hold you a hostage to fortune. 

We’re a bunch of good egg-heads
Our team simply doesn’t have any weak links – we’d rock at The Crystal Maze. Throw any cloud security problem our way, we’re confident we can solve it, deploy it and support it. But we’re more than just a bunch of nerds. We’re commercially-minded entrepreneurs who understand the intricacies of technology and its wider impact on the business.

Peace, love and cloud security
We don’t clock-watch, time-waste, nit-pick or game-play. Our culture is one of total transparency based on mutual respect and trust, which places our clients very firmly at the heart of all we do. We’re here to make your life better, easier, and more joyful. Yes, joyful! We’re also like-minded and would happily go on holiday with each other (some of us actually do, which isn’t weird – promise).

But they say it better than us...

Like good food, it shows when you pour your love into what you do – and guess what? The love just comes right back at ya!

Ed-Future Anthem-LI-profile

“In this day and age, security can’t be at the back of your mind – things can go seriously wrong very quickly. We want to make sure we’re always adhering to the highest standards, especially around compliance. Azured made it easy.”

Ed Mitchell Head of Platform @ Future Anthem


“Azured understands the pressures faced by our sector and treated our business with sensitivity and care. Their comprehensive Cloud Security Review was low cost and low commitment, yet their recommendations dramatically improved our cloud security.”

Satish Jakhu Managing Partner @ RLK Solicitors

Alex Manning

“Azured improved our Microsoft Secure Score from 23% to 92%, practically overnight. There’s something very comforting in knowing you’re in a safe pair of hands that you can trust.”

Alex Manning Head of IT @ Tecknuovo

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