The super-charged power of next-gen Firewall as a Service.

Posted 08 April 2022 by Laura

Firewalls are often the first line of defence in protecting network systems from cyberthreats. They effectively create a ‘buffer zone’ between your IT network and other, external networks. But we can tell you this… they often fall short in the security department.

There are a few reasons why: inadequate password protection, lack of control, out-of-date tech, incorrect deployment and configurations, and basic inspection protocols (which, FYI, is where the next-gen firewall really earns its space at the table). 

Unlike a traditional firewall that's a plug-and-go kind of affair, next-gen firewalls are altogether savvier...we're talking super-charged firewall intelligence here.

We launched Azured’s multi-tenanted Firewall as a Service (or FWaaS for want of a niftier title) after receiving a government grant for a share of a £10 million fund, allocated to innovative R&D projects focusing on sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19.  

The same level of security, cheaper? Yes, please.
Although we had already launched a firewall solution back in 2017, we knew that hosting a bespoke firewall was unaffordable to most but the larger businesses. And this didn’t sit right with us. So, our upgraded solution brings the same level of enterprise grade security within the reach of any small business.

Executive Chair of Innovate UK (the innovation agency responsible for issuing the grant), Dr Ian Campbell said, “Azured, along with every initiative we have supported through this fund, is making an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development.”

10 ways to prevent a cyber attack.
You’ll find 'Install a firewall' towards the top of all lists ever published on the subject. But of course, installing the firewall is only part of the solution. Having the correct policies in place, and making sure the firewall is correctly configured and deployed is where the focus really needs to be. This is why FWaaS by Azured is so much more than just a firewall.

Secure internet access for all.
FWaaS by Azured is on a monthly subscription, with no minimum contract. Built on market-leading Palo Alto’s next-gen technology, it provides your business with a centralised firewall solution and Managed Internet Gateway in Azure. So you can reduce the need for on-premise firewalls, and have secure internet access for all your users – no matter where they are in the world.

Next-gen firewall – why wouldn’t you?
We believe Palo Alto is the best firewall in the market, so it made sense for us to build our FWaaS around their technology. For us, Palo’s next-generation intelligent firewalls are the most successful in reducing risks and preventing attacks – and should be at the heart of any organisation’s network security.

  • Guarantees secure remote-working
  • Faster internet performance
  • Reduce costs of ownership
  • Simplify management
  • Fully managed subscription-based service
  • Enhance security for your staff
  • Improve visibility and control
  • Virtual DataCentre out-of-the-box protecting everything in the cloud
  • Don’t worry your head about updates – our monthly subscription includes all upgrades

Your business challenges, solved.
We built our Firewall as a Service solution in direct response to client needs – not to massage our techie’s egos. And you won’t find another solution in the world like it. Our blend of Palo Alto technology, Microsoft Azure and our unique IP and service wrap directly address a whole host of common business challenges. So if you're suffering with any of the following, FWaaS might be the firewall solution you're looking for: 
  • inadequate internet security
  • network complexity and lack of resilience
  • difficulty securing apps and data in the cloud
  • managing costs whilst maintaining security
  • tech being out of date before it’s deployed
  • my current solution can’t grow with my business

As a Service - what it means to us
In its most simple terms, ‘as a Service’ means your services being delivered through the cloud – and the cloud has a growing reputation for improving business efficiencies through the integration of aaS solutions. We’ve embraced this concept with open arms and have built all our aaS solutions as evergreen platforms.

For us, fully managed means we prioritise the integrity of your environment and take responsibility for the outcomes. You won’t have to manage multiple suppliers. We do that so you can stay focused on other things.

And of course, you only use pay for the Azure consumption that you need – so you’ll be saving costs along the way, too.

Serious about securing your business in the cloud?
Of course, there are lots of things you can do to improve your security in the cloud. We’ve recently put together a guide called How to Avoid the Fate of the Death Star: Azured's Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Management.

And, even better, it’s completely free. Go on, pop the kettle on.